Six Sigma Fitness

Work Hard… Don’t Work Too Hard…

You need to be doing aerobics… no do slow weight lifting, no try CrossFit®, no I meant  HIT or HIIT, maybe Tabatas, or just go high intensity, no more than 20 minutes…

By now you should know we don’t mind being a bit controversial although we try not to offend anyone… I have been watching and reading a lot of research for the past 10 years on high intensity training and long distance running. Those that know us and like to run a lot know that I have been ringing the warning bell on the long-term effects of running for some time. I think the research is becoming pretty definitive here on the high risks of long distance running but what about high intensity workouts, especially those that go 30-40 minutes or sometimes more? What about the frequency of that type of training?

As of late I am seeing more and more research on high intensity workouts and I am going to get out in front here and tell you, if you are working at a very high rate of intensity 4-5 times a week you are going to regret it. Listen up all kool-aid drinking Crossfitters that just can’t get enough until you are flat out on the floor…

You may perform better than your peers right now and you may think that is “bad ass” but they may be pushing your wheelchair at age 70.

Unfortunately, those that don’t train at all won’t be pushing your wheel chair as they will not make it to 70… But you will not optimize your long-term health and mortality. Your heart and your joints are going to pay the price. You need to find a balanced spot in the middle where the health and mortality bell curve is at its widest.

We have been beta testing a science based program called Six Sigma Fitness™ that insures that over the long-term you are getting what you need in the most efficient, targeted and healthy manner. The HESEA™ template teaches health practitioners how to deploy a well rounded statistically safe and healthy fitness regimen that insures that mortality and long-term health are the main goals.

In HESEA™ you train for muscle growth some days, strength other days and endurance on two other days and then you have a day of active recovery where you crank it down and work on mobility, movement patterns, core and or mindfulness. It is all about balance.

Now, the above may be controversial but now let me border on offending a few people… 🙂

If you really care about your health and you believe in science and evolutionary movement patterns then watch this Ted Talk as it represents some leading edge science that supports what I discuss above. “Well that’s not offensive” you say….

The video is about 20 minutes and holding the attention of any individual for more than 3-4 minutes now days is impossible according to the research. To add to that, if you are under the age of 35 it may even be more difficult as the attention span of the younger generation has significantly diminished due to the high rate of input and stimulation we have given them which may be very sad long-term. Focus and concentration are keys to learning and adapting for survival. That being said you should watch this video, it may change or even save your life or the life of someone near and dear to you by changing the way you look at exercise. Keep an open mind…

The Scholar Warrior
A graduate of Loyola University and MBA from The University of Chicago
Pre-med LSU and post graduate at A.T. Still University.

A wrestler in high school and for a brief time in college until realizing the challenges of studying and playing sports at a high level while constantly having to cut weight, he decided to coach and master the challenges of health and fitness through weightlifting and martial arts while pursuing careers in consulting and eventually the venture capital and private equity business specializing in food and nutrition industries.

A blackbelt having studied martial arts for over 30 years including kickboxing, Muay Thai, BJJ, Krav Maga, Kenpo Karate, Kung Fu, Northern (Longfist) and Southern Shaolin (Hung Gar Tiger and Crane), Tai Chi, Qigong, Traditional Weapons and Chinese philosophical studies including Taoism, internal arts and energy systems from an Eastern medicine perspective.

He is also the author of the Six Sigma Fitness™ Scholar Warrior Program which brings together the Eastern and Western sciences as well as the training of both traditional strength and conditioning with martial arts programming.

He is currently the Research Physiologist with UltraFit Systems, Physiologist/Consultant to the internationally renown MMA Lab working with professional UFC fighters. Authored and developed The Scholar Warrior Program for Six Sigma Fitness™ and The Six Sigma Fitness™ Methodology.

Past certifications are too numerous to list but more recently include Certified Personal Trainer (C.P.T.), CrossFit Level 1, Precision Nutrition, Poliquin Biosignature, PCIP, BioForce HRV, BioForce Certified Conditioning Coach