Technology Backbone and Artificial Intelligence

The proprietary Six Sigma Fitness™ cloud based platform is another toolset that provides a repository for the client data, analyzes the information using scientifically valid formulas and algorithms and creates a report through a low level artificial intelligence built in to read the results and make scientifically valid recommendations.

The system analyzes the data and creates the report within about a minute from when it is submitted. The report can be emailed or as in the current process exported into a pdf in the cloud and integrated into the Coach/Practitioner’s administrative back end of their client’s Trainerize profile. Trainerize is a recommended third party tool for Coaches and Trainers to track health and fitness profiles and create client training programs online to be used on any platform such as mobile, tablet or desktop computer. It is one of the largest and fastest growing online platforms used by coaches and trainers worldwide. Future processes will submit the data directly from the ultrasound over the internet directly into the Six Sigma Fitness™ platform and directly to Trainerize.


"If you’re afraid of technology and have no basic systems in place to write, track and manage programs, delivering high-quality, personalized training to more than just a few people is going to be next to impossible. While you don’t need to spend hours each day on a computer or have a PhD in data analytics, if you want to be successful in fitness, you need to learn to embrace technology and use it to make you a more effective coach."

-Joel Jamieson

Furthermore with this analytics and integration the Six Sigma Fitness™ technology platform can tag a client's analysis and intelligently and automatically enroll them into one of several pre-created nutrition or training programs within the Trainerize platform all within a matter of minutes.