RATDP Summary

Without adding any other methodology such as a Functional Movement Screen, VO2 max test, blood panel markers, lifestyle and nutritional surveys… the DMAIC framework and regional adipose tissue deposit profile methodology sets a new standard for gathering information and creating semi-customized plans to restore a client to health and fitness. The Six Sigma Fitness™ technology platform shaves hours and days off of health and fitness diagnostics and analysis by using an efficient and scientifically valid technology such as the ultrasound to measure how body fat is affecting the shape of the client or athlete.  We  then use mathematical algorithms and statistical analysis to compare that to known optimal standards and interpret the results using a low level of artificial intelligence. We compare that data against numerous scientific studies to make recommendations of various lifestyle habits, nutritional and movement protocols to help address the issues that are holding the client back from reaching their optimal potential.  As such it is the first and the core program that Six Sigma Fitness™ plans to lead with and certify Coaches and Practitioners to apply within their businesses. 

Because of a similar (although inferior) successful methodologies and technology that has previously been marketed worldwide, the potential for adaptation on an International scale is significant. The Six Sigma Fitness™ Program takes this process to a whole new level of application and to a much wider potential audience.