RATDP Methodology

The Regional Adipose Tissue Deposit Profile is a Six Sigma Fitness™ proprietary methodology. It is a 12 site handheld ultrasound or caliper assessment and is a core critical starting point to create a baseline, establish next methodologies and create a plan to work from, but it is far from being the only tool in the practitioner’s bag. That being said it is the Six Sigma Fitness™cornerstone method and proprietary algorithm that creates the main starting point for everything else we apply and integrate. It forms the foundation for the Six Sigma Fitness™ program. 

The following are the main 12 sites that are included within the proprietary algorithm. There are 2 sites, the cheek and the chin that are optionally tracked as markers for weight changes but do not factor into the formulas.

Standardizing your tools to craft more detailed programs is important to establishing a common set of methods an entire team works from and that you can communicate and market to the client or athlete. It forms a system or group of processes that can be articulated as well as a unique approach or protocol that stands out from the rest of the industry. The Six Sigma Fitness™ framework is a standardized and accepted method of approaching a problem and creating a solution and the Regional Adipose Tissue Deposit Profile is a first level methodology to create the foundation from which all the other solutions are derived from.