Body Composition Measurement Tools

The traditional way of obtaining body fat measurements is to use a caliper which is slightly invasive as it requires embarrassing pinching and pulling of the fat away from the body and has a high standard of error depending on the individual and the Coach / Practitioner’s experience not to mention the quality of the calipers which varies significantly. As such it becomes highly unreliable and although scientifically valid, it is often disregarded as a tool to measure progress or even less as a diagnostic.

That being said, the RATDP works with either a caliper or ultrasound measurement.  When using calipers we recommend an experienced and trained practitioner perform the assessment with a research grade caliper to insure accuracy of the results.

A more sophisticated, accurate and simplified way of measuring body fat utilizes a handheld ultrasound which is non-invasive, quicker and more comfortable to the client. This allows a much wider population of coaches and practitioners to enter the field of body composition and diagnostics by essentially conveying a technician certified status through limited educational requirements to become proficient.

The Six Sigma Fitness™ Regional Adipose Tissue Deposit Profile (RATDP) assessment is a proprietary method and algorithm to measure, analyze and rank prioritize where body fat is accumulating and to give an overall body composition score. By understanding where the body is prioritizing the deposition of subcutaneous body fat we can begin to apply known scientific principles as to what types of chemical changes and imbalances could be contributing to that type of body shape.

From there, we can recommend appropriate add-on methodologies to determine and support the findings to try to uncover the main causal factors using the traditional Six Sigma DMAIC process and our framework of methodologies to address and rectify the errors or defects the body is producing.