Frameworks for Onboarding and Segmentation

To be respected as a health professional you need to level up and use the Frameworks, Methods, Tools and technology that modern health professionals use. If you don’t have a Framework you have chaos which leads to unhappy clients. In this episode we discuss why you should have a Framework in your business.

One of the things that I notice is a problem, its endemic to our industry at large or in general. And that’s the unprofessionalism, of coaches ,trainers…

Hi, I’m Dean. I’m one of the founders of Six Sigma Fitness. Six Sigma Fitness is a Client / Athlete, Management and Assessment system.

I created the Six Sigma Fitness app to bring science and technology down to the gym floor, down to implement on the field, if you will, so that coaches and trainers could use the things that they learned in their certifications and their education, and actually apply them real time with their athletes with their clients.

Let’s talk about one of the things that I noticed is a problem and it’s endemic to our industry at large or in general. And that’s the unprofessionalism of coaches, trainers, people that train both general population clients, as well as athletes in many cases, is that they’ve got a lot of experience, a lot of them are great athletes, a lot of them have been coaching for a long time. A lot of them have all kinds of education. Many have tons of certifications, but they don’t actually use it. They just don’t use it. They actually have programs and training that looks more like they throw spaghetti against the wall and see what sticks. It’s often decided upon somewhere on their drive over to the gym, what they’re going to do, and there is no thought process behind it. There is no progression. And I know what the problem is. The problem is that most trainers and coaches unfortunately are being forced to train in environments for low amounts of money that have a wide disparate population group. So you have the very athletic, you have the 22 year old fireman or high school football player, and he’s right next to the 44 year old decondition female executive who’s right next to the 72 year old runner… And trying to come up with programs for everybody often makes it so difficult and exhausting that they give up. But it’s not about giving up. It’s about coming up with a framework and coming up with a methodology that can actually be applied in the field. So that framework methodology for some gyms or some groups, like martial arts schools, where they’ll have a beginner or onboarding class, they’ll have an intermediate class, or an advanced class that solves part of that problem. For other groups that might be dividing the classes up. And dividing the classes up might also mean you need some extra coaches or you need some advanced students that have a little more experience that can help the less advanced students. There are many ways to do it. The other way to do it is to dissect up your programs and make the training and fitness programs, create a framework for two or three different audiences. So in our case, and Six Sigma fitness, we initially have frameworks for overweight clients. Based on our assessments, we throw them into 1233 programs, we throw them in a Density Based Training, Lactic Acid Training, or Metabolic Resistance Training. So LA,T DBT, MRT. And those three groups we run simultaneously, and you may need some assistance with that you might need some technology we run the software and technology for our workouts right off an iPhone or an iPad. They’re available there in the gym for people look at. But you you need to figure out your Framework, your Methodology and your Tools to deliver it. And once you create those three things and stick to them, you’re actually going to not have to worry about about delivering a product in the gym, on the car right on the way over, you’ll actually have a progressive framework that works every time long term in something you can market and sell.

If you get a chance buzz on over to our website, as as Six Sigma Fitness and take a look at what we offer. We have both a platform software that you can subscribe to on a monthly basis. And we also have a certification training that we do that opens up more aspects of the platform and teaches you our methods for both onboarding and training and managing clients real time in the field.

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The Scholar Warrior
A graduate of Loyola University and MBA from The University of Chicago
Pre-med LSU and post graduate at A.T. Still University.

A wrestler in high school and for a brief time in college until realizing the challenges of studying and playing sports at a high level while constantly having to cut weight, he decided to coach and master the challenges of health and fitness through weightlifting and martial arts while pursuing careers in consulting and eventually the venture capital and private equity business specializing in food and nutrition industries.

A blackbelt having studied martial arts for over 30 years including kickboxing, Muay Thai, BJJ, Krav Maga, Kenpo Karate, Kung Fu, Northern (Longfist) and Southern Shaolin (Hung Gar Tiger and Crane), Tai Chi, Qigong, Traditional Weapons and Chinese philosophical studies including Taoism, internal arts and energy systems from an Eastern medicine perspective.

He is also the author of the Six Sigma Fitness™ Scholar Warrior Program which brings together the Eastern and Western sciences as well as the training of both traditional strength and conditioning with martial arts programming.

He is currently the Research Physiologist with UltraFit Systems, Physiologist/Consultant to the internationally renown MMA Lab working with professional UFC fighters. Authored and developed The Scholar Warrior Program for Six Sigma Fitness™ and The Six Sigma Fitness™ Methodology.

Past certifications are too numerous to list but more recently include Certified Personal Trainer (C.P.T.), CrossFit Level 1, Precision Nutrition, Poliquin Biosignature, PCIP, BioForce HRV, BioForce Certified Conditioning Coach