The Core Assessments

We use leading edge medical grade technology, high tech artificial intelligence and peer reviewed evidence based research to determine the best plan to optimize your mental and physical performance.

"It's a heck of a lot easier to get in shape and lose weight if you know what the cause is and the best way to address it. Just guessing about what is causing your weight gain, fatigue and low performance levels is the uneducated path. Using science to evaluate your chemical imbalances affecting your hormones and then making intelligent and targeted recommendations about lifestyle changes, nutrition, supplements and workouts that would be best for your specific circumstances is the educated path to achieving your goals." 

"We can't think of a single reason to ever waste your time and resources guessing at what might work again."

Our Six Sigma Fitness™ Signature Assessment

The ultrasonic Regional Adipose Tissue Deposit Profile (RATDP) is your customized approach to a Scientific method to health, fitness and weight loss and overall performance optimization. Not only do we use ultrasound to measure your exact overall body composition but we evaluate each measurement site against population norms and optimal targets to make scientific recommendations on how best to change your body shape and manage your weight. 

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is a screening tool used to evaluate seven fundamental movement patterns in individuals with no current pain complaint or musculoskeletal injury. In addition we use 3 clearing tests to determine dysfunction that needs to be referred out for further medical evaluation. 
The FMS is not intended to diagnose orthopedic problems but rather to demonstrate opportunities for improved movement in individuals.

The Neuromuscular Signaling Test is a baseline measurement of the reaction time of the brain-muscle signal.

The Metabolic Function Test is a measurement of your personal Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) - your energy burned for 24 hours at rest. No guessing, no generic population formulas, this is your exact number! Think your metabolism is slow? We will tell you exactly how far off the norms you may be.

The Biomarker Vital Signs Test is a measurement of your personal Body Temperature, Pulse Rate, Respiration Rate and Blood Pressure. These subclinical biomarkers are clues to optimal health and wellness.

  • You join an elite group of people around the world that use our RATDP ultrasound assessment for optimizing health and performance in world class athletic events and in their careers and personal lives.
  • Our proprietary artificial intelligence will recommend the best path to your goals using peer reviewed evidence based research packaged into an easy to understand format.
  • We make the education process fun and interesting.  You will unlock secrets to how your body works as we "hack" your human chemistry naturally and in the way it was intended.
  • We will also perform a Functional Movement Screen to determine any structural imbalances to be addressed
  • Our Metabolic Functioning Test is a medical grade test performed with a metabolic cart while you rest to determine exactly how many calories your body requires to function. We can assess metabolic dysfunction or damage and determine how you compare to healthy norms. You won't need to guess anymore on what level of energy intake will be required to manage your ideal weight goals.
  • As a bonus only at our Scottsdale facility, we will perform a neuromuscular tap test. Designed with the aspiring athlete in mind and using our wireless Hykso sensors, we will measure the brain to muscle level of signaling speed as well as getting a baseline of conditioning.
  • You'll get all the support you need. Our coaches are available for consultations both in-person and online. We will guide you through the path to optimizing your journey.
  • You get our "Sweat With Purpose" guide as an instant download, as a thank you for signing up.

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The Six Sigma Fitness™ Regional Adipose Tissue Deposit Profile (RATDP) assessment is a proprietary method and algorithm to measure, analyze and prioritize where body fat is accumulating and to give an overall body composition score. By understanding where the body is prioritizing the deposition of subcutaneous body fat we can begin to apply known scientific principles as to what types of chemical changes and imbalances could be contributing to that type of body shape.  The secret to the RATDP methodology is that it steps back and looks at the overall body composition but more importantly it looks at 12 individual regions of the body and interprets what the specific shape and subcutaneous adipose tissue deposit (fat layers under the skin) is telling us in terms of the known scientific principles that cause that type of human morphological profile. In other words we answer the questions you always ask... "Why am I shaped this way? How come my body puts fat on here? Is there a better way to lose this weight?"

Usually these tests are performed with a set of Calipers that pinch and pull but we use a more sophisticated, accurate and simplified way of measuring body fat utilizing a handheld medical grade ultrasound which is non-invasive, incredibly accurate, quicker and more comfortable.

The proprietary Six Sigma Fitness™ cloud based platform provides a repository for your data, analyzes the information using scientifically valid formulas and algorithms and creates a report through a low level artificial intelligence built in to read the results and make scientifically valid recommendations related to lifestyle, nutrition, exercise and supplementation.  Your coach will discuss the findings with you and use them to hone in on optimal solutions to managing health, fitness and weight maintenance.

Health Profile

Additionally the system will analyze the results to accurately predict energy expenditures and create a maintenance, weight-loss or hypertrophic (muscle gain) macronutrient profile. The system knows exactly what your lean and fat body mass is and can tell you precisely how best to support your goals. This is 21st century science using the best information and research available and coupling it with a proprietary algorithm that uses artificial intelligence to customize your best options.

resting metabolic rate

It doesn't matter where you workout, in fact this solution can replace the high cost of hourly personal trainers in the gym you train at by giving you all the information you need to optimize your results. We have additional solutions to coach and monitor you through our Six Sigma Fitness™ cloud based app for IOS and Android smart phones. Your workouts are at your fingertips daily. Just return every 4-6 weeks for a re-evaluation and we can adjust your program to fit your needs.

For weight class athletes, we have a proprietary add-on module used to determine the optimal body composition path to reaching the event weight goal. Our algorithms will compute a forward projection of the exact nonfat, fat and water dehydration targets for the athlete to achieve to optimize performance on the day of the athletic event.

Intelametrix Non-Invasive Ultrasound Scan

Should the athlete require a catabolic state (muscle tissue reduction) to reach their optimal weight class goal, the system will create a report detailing the best and safest methods to obtain the targeted body composition.

The first assessment bundle is being offered at this time for $299 and repeat assessments at $129-199 depending on which suite of assessments are required. Ultrasound only initial assessments are $199 and $129 for repeat assessments.  A further discount of 17% will be offered for 2 people registering for the same assessment together bringing the price to $249 each. For on-site assessments of multiple individuals for health and fitness facilities or other businesses please contact us for pricing. 

Consultations and Coaching for Nutrition, Exercise and Lifestyle habits are available after the assessment at the rate of $60 per 30 minutes and $100 per hour.

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