Six Sigma Fitness™ is a Coach's tool and Methodology to help manage, centralize and analyze health and fitness data for their clients.  Athletes can use the platform to centralize and record their own data as well.  

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Six Sigma Fitness™ is a Scientifically Valid methodology predicated on a system of “Assess, Test and Progress” using the principles of Six Sigma's DMAIC in a 4 dimensional approach:



We “assess" to evaluate your current state and measure dysfunction allowing us to determine what you need to optimize your health and fitness.



We "screen" to evaluate potential areas of risk which dictates what you can and can’t or shouldn’t do and what weaknesses we need to work on to progress towards your goals and objectives.



We “test" to determine your functional abilities and skill levels to best match the toolset you require to improve your assessment results and progress.



We "survey" to determine areas of your lifestyle and nutrition that may be contributing to under-performance, dysfunction or disease allowing us to implement incremental behavioral modifications to achieve your goals and support your training.

Six Sigma Fitness™ Analytical Intelligence


Six Sigma Fitness™ is a data driven client focused results oriented scientifically valid health and fitness methodology predicated on a system of “Assess, Test and Progress”. Quickly record data on a laptop, tablet or phone and get immediate results!

Six Sigma Fitness™ 5 Step DMAIC Theoretical Model

The implementation of Six Sigma Fitness includes 5 steps (DMAIC) that you will learn in our certification program:

  • Define the issue by documenting the client/athlete's health symptoms, record the voice of the client and their requirements and health goals, specifically.
  • Measure key aspects of their current health and fitness and collect relevant data.
  • Analyze the data to investigate and verify cause-and-effect relationships. Determine what the relationships are, and attempt to ensure that all factors have been considered. Seek out root cause of the health symptom under investigation.
  • Improve or optimize the current health process (movement, lifestyle habits and patterns, nutrition and supplements) based upon data analysis using techniques such as "design of experiments" (Ultrasound body composition, Functional Movement Screens, VO2 tests - regular standardized assessment and testing feedback to understand what variables and what factor they play in the process), "poka yoke" (pronounced POH-KA-YOKE) or better known as "mistake proofing" or error avoidance (educational programs to stop bad habits, eliminating the low quality food options from the household), and standard work (assessment driven programming, nutritional recommendations and supplementation protocols) to create a new, future state process a.k.a a better, improved, healthier and higher performing human being.
  • Control the "future state process" to ensure that any deviations from target are corrected before they result in adverse health symptoms or performance decline. Implement control systems such as statistical process control (continuous assessment and testing against norms and ideals), health dashboards, visual programming, and continuously monitor the health process.

Six Sigma Methodology Applied

Simply by organizing the evaluation process and using well established norms and standards that most trainers and coaches already use, we can increase the level of service you provide to clients and athletes across the board.  In addition, by actually documenting and analyzing client data using scientifically valid methods and algorithms you will see greater results and increased client retention.  Your business will be more professional, technical and goal driven.

Don't fall behind and become part of the problem. Join the 21st century and become part of the solution in health and fitness by leading the way among your peers and the industry.