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Six Sigma Fitness™ is a new model of a Athlete Management System. It is a cloud based digital Client / Athlete Management and Assessment System. It's a Coach's tool, wrapped in a Framework of Methodologies supported by Tools and hosted on a Cloud based technology platform to help manage, centralize and analyze health and fitness data for their clients. Athletes can use the platform to centralize and record their own data as well. 


athlete management system

Get ready to get into the cockpit and see what real power is all about.

Ever Feel Like This?

  • Are you exhausted by the time it takes to manage your client load? 
  • Are you constantly wasting time hunting through Google Docs for that client file?
  • Are you embarrassed by the fact you don't have an organized and professional way to present material to your clients?
  • Is your lack of time to program properly impacting your client's results?
  • Could you handle more clients and generate more revenue if you could better leverage technology?
  • Are you missing that cohesive onboarding framework that demonstrates to clients how you are different than all your competitors?
  • Tired of the complexity of other software apps? Too many shiny buttons and graphs, can't find anything?
  • Got lots of scientific education and certifications but no easy way to use it?

We have a solution that will make you stand out and impress your clients as not just another coach or trainer but as a respected health professional. Your revenue will increase because you will be able to charge more for your knowledge and leverage your volume with technology. We will help make your scientific knowledge seamlessly translate into business success.

Client / Athlete Management and Assessment System

"Every Athlete Management System needs a Framework"


5 Steps to Get Clients Results

Six Sigma Fitness™ 5 Step DMAIC Theoretical Model:

The implementation of Six Sigma Fitness™ includes a 5 step Framework (DMAIC) to categorize and select your Methods. You will learn to master the implementation of this Framework in our certification program that teaches you how to organize the entire process from onboarding a new client to determining what programs would be best to optimize their potential for success and how to maintain their achievements well into the future:


  • Define the issues and health problems 

What is important?


  • Measure  and collect relevant data points

How are we doing?


  • Analyze the data and create health metrics 

What is wrong?


  • Improve or optimize the current health process 

What needs to be done?


  • Control the "future state process"

How do we ensure success?

"Every Athlete Management System Framework needs a Methodology"

If you are a health science student or have certified in any of the many health and fitness certifications out there, then you already have Methods that you should be implementing with your clients. We developed the Six Sigma Fitness™ Methodology Matrix to help categorize, prioritize and implement them in your programs.


Methods are cetrgorized into any one of 4 Catgories in the Methodology Matrix


athlete management system Measure

"Every Athlete Management System Methodology needs Tools"




athlete management system dashboard
Workout Builder

Workout Builder

athlete management system Workout Builder
Body Composition

Body Comp

athlete management system body composition

Macronutrient Profile

athlete management system macronutrient profile

Client File Library

athlete management system Client-File-Library

Every Athlete Management System needs a Business Suite

Digital Marketing 

Before you are able to start training and coaching clients you need to be able to let them know you exist. Our custom integrated KARTRAFIT system is the one stop solution to your business suite tools including your website, landing and lead pages, membership sales, custom forms, marketing campaigns, sales appointment booking calendar, help desks and much more. An add-on option to your Six Sigma Fitness™ Client / Athlete Management System it will pay for itself in savings on other systems alone and start paying dividends from the minute it generates your first lead. 

athlete management system digital marketing and crm

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I wanted more clinical interaction with clients to add to my medical school resume and I found it here. My hands on evaluation skills and my confidence has increased significantly. After taking the  certification the whole way I looked at making changes with my clients transformed. My coaching process was streamlined and the results I produced for our clients moved to a higher level.

Bianca Bozzano 

Medical Bio-Sciences Technician

I had been out of the industry for a few years and wanted to strengthen my coaching skills. The real world practical exercises really helped me re-integrate into the world of health and fitness and complimented the nutritional science I was learning at the University. Since certifying, my nutritional consulting has grown and I am working with higher level professional athletes in addition to the weight-loss client that I produce better results for now.

Jordan Smock

Personal Trainer

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